RASC and other Astronomy Pages On The Web


Wondering what's happening at the University Observatory on Campus? Wonder no more, just check out the Observatory Astronomical Events Calendar.

Particularly interesting: Education and Outreach website developed by the Canadian Astronomical Society of Canada.

Links To Other RASC Centre Web Pages

  1. National
  2. St. John's Centre
  3. Charlottetown Centre
  4. Halifax Centre
  5. New Brunswick Centre
  6. Québec Centre
  7. Montréal (English) Centre
  8. Montréal La société d'astronomie de Montréal Centre
  9. Ottawa Centre
  10. Kingston Centre
  11. Belleville Centre
  12. Toronto Centre
  13. Mississauga Centre
  14. Niagara Centre
  15. Hamilton Centre
  16. Kitchener-Waterloo Centre
  17. London Centre
  18. Sarnia Centre
  19. Windsor Centre
  20. Thunder Bay Centre
  21. Winnipeg Centre
  22. Regina Centre
  23. Saskatoon Centre
  24. Calgary Centre
  25. Edmonton Centre
  26. Prince George Centre
  27. Okanagan Centre
  28. Vancouver Centre
  29. Victoria Centre
  30. Journal of the RASC

Web Pages Of RASC Members

[The links in this list have been discovered from postings to the rasclist. It is far from complete. If you want your webpage listed, send me an e-mail.]

  1. Gordon Sarty's Astronomy Page Saskatoon.
  2. Dave Roles who has links to 100's of Astro sites.
  3. Lisa Jain's starpoet site.
  4. Mark Kaye.
  5. Kim Hay Kingston.
  6. Ron Waldron Saskatoon.
  7. Tenho Tuomi Saskatoon.
  8. Astrofoto.ca Canada's astrophotographers.
  9. Paul Markov Toronto.
  10. Bernice Friesen Saskatoon.

Need an RASC E-Mail address? Just send a message to

and the current list of e-mail addresses will be "mailed" back to you.

The RASC also has an e-mail "Discussion List" for members. To "subscribe" to the Discussion List, send a message to:

with the first line of your message being similar to: "subscribe rasclist David Lane (Halifax Centre)" (without the quotes). You will then be sent a message containing instructions on how to use the list.

A copy of G.N. Paterson's famous astrophotography book Handbook of Astrophotograhy for Amateur Astronomers can be downloaded from here. Hardcopies of the book are available from the Saskatoon Centre.

NASA Web Sites
  1. JPL's Welcome to the Planets
  2. SDAC (Solar Data Analysis Center) - Eclipse Maps.
  3. The GALILEO probe (JPL)
  4. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  5. National Space Science Data Center
  6. Hubble Image of Betelgeuse
  7. The STSci Digitized Sky Survey
  8. Space Flight Operations for NASA
  1. The Astronomer magazine.
  2. Sky and Telescope
  3. SkyNews - The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing
Miscellaneous Web Sites

The correct time can be had from the US Naval Observatory Time Page .


A Clear Sky Clock! Check it out; very cool. Thanks to Attilla Danko for this.

Starlink visibility Others:

  1. Masters of Science Physics Guide: Solar System
  2. Indiana University Astronomy Department (They have an Automatic Photometric Telescope going there.)
  3. Jason Ware's home page (Astrophotographs).
  4. Spacetime Wrinkles
  5. Astroweb Resources
  6. David Dunlap Observatory
  7. The Galaxy Gallery: Messier Objects
  8. Naval Research Lab - Clemintine
  9. SETI Institute
  10. Galileo - the guy
  11. J-Track satellite tracking: a java applet mapping page
  12. Universe Today: Updated daily with space exploration and astronomy news.
  13. SkyWatch - Your Astronomical Alarm Clock
  14. Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
See also the news groups:
  1. sci.astro.
  2. sci.astro.fits.
  3. sci.astro.hubble.
  4. sci.astro.planetarium.
  5. sci.astro.research.
  6. sci.astro.amateur.
  7. alt.binaries.pictures.astro.
  8. alt.sci.astro.aips.
  9. alt.sci.astro.fits.