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November 4, 2021 during an Aurora storm by Ron Waldron. Canon SLR camera ISO 800, 10 sec exp.

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June 17 - RASC General Meeting - Hybrid: In-person U of S Observatory & On-line

7:00 pm - Executive Meeting
8:00 pm - Sharing / Networking
8:15 pm - Main Program
The Upcoming Sky - Colin Chatfield.
Astronomical Holiday in the Atacama Desert - John Takala, RASC Saskatoon Centre Vice-President, will share his experiences exploring astronomical opportunities in the Atacama Desert in Chile.


July 6 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory


August 7 - 11 - Saskatchewan Summer Star Party at Cypress Hills - The 27th Annual SSSP. Details will be announced at a later date.


September 7 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory

September 16 - RASC General Meeting


October 5 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory

October 21 - RASC General Meeting


November 2 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory

November 18 - RASC General Meeting

November 30 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory


December 9 - RASC General Meeting

December 28 - Observer's Group Night at the Sleaford Observatory



August 17 - 22 or August 22 - 28 - Saskatchewan Summer Star Party 2044 - 47th Annual SSSP at Cypress Hills Provincial Park. Program TBD. Stay tuned!

August 22 - Total Eclipse of the Sun - Visible from the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party. SSSP'44 is on the Centre Line.

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Sleaford Observatory

One of the benefits of membership with our Centre is access to our remote viewing site at Sleaford. For members who would like more information on Sleaford, please contact Darrell Chatfield and request a current copy of The Sleaford Observatory Users Manual.

Light Pollution Abatement Committee

We are fighting light pollution! The Saskatchewan Light Pollution Abatement Committee is a collaboration between the Saskatoon and Regina RASC Centres and a number of other key people in the province. See: Light Pollution in Saskatchewan.

Observing Group

The RASC Saskatoon Centre has an active Observing Group. Contact the Observing Group Coordinator for details of the group's activities.

Observing Aids

  • Chatfield Binocular Challenge List
    You can earn you binocular certificate by observing 35 of the 40 objects on this list, created by Darrell Chatfield. Once you have started, register with the newsletter editor, Colin Chatfield, to get your name added to the challenge list in the Saskatoon Skies newsletter.
  • The Chatfield Binocular Challenge List - Expanded Version
    This is a description of the Chatfield Binocular List fields that goes beyond just the basic objects. Since you've taken time to find the Chatfield Objects, you might as well hang around a bit and explore whatelse is visible within the binocular field of view. The expanded list was produced by Rick Huziak during his run at the challenge.

National RASC Activities

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has many activities nationwide.

RASC Membership Activities

RASC member contributions to astronomy:
  1. SASKATCHEWAN AMATEUR ASTRONOMER DISCOVERS COMET! Comet Petriew! Congratulations to Regina astronomer Vance Petriew who discovered the comet at the 2001 Saskatchewan Summer Star Party!

  2. CHANT MEDAL. In 2001, Rick Huziak received the prestigious Chant Medal. Congratulations Rick! We are very proud of your accomplishments in amateur astronomy and are very lucky to have you around. Rick is also the recipient of the AAVSO Director's Award, presented to him at the 92nd AAVSO Tuscon Conference.

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